#PlantPals National PR Campaign to launch next week

GIA is launching a new customer engagement campaign which will aim to position retailers and garden centres as the primary destination for tips, landscaping advice and consumer purchases.

With demand for plants increasing during the COVID-19 isolation period, GIA is looking to capitalise on this moment to ensure that new gardeners remain engaged with greenlife even once they return to the office, pubs and gyms.

GIA Business Members, retail businesses who have joined a State NGI Association and Garden Centres of Australia Members will be provided with the essentials to be the 'hero' of their own campaign.

Media release templates, social media content shared, factsheets and more will be provided along with instructions on how to get involved in the new campaign, which will all be tied together under a central hub called #PlantPals and supported by public relations agency Cox Inall Communications.

This strategy for the initiative was developed by GIA’s COVID-19 Response Marketing Committee, working to deliver direct benefits to industry Members while leveraging the opportunity the pandemic presented the industry. With greater than fifty percent of the farmgate value of greenlife being sold through retail and landscape channels, the initiative will

  • help strengthen the retail and garden centre channel for growers as the challenges of the pandemic stabilise.
  • establish a movement for growers, landscapers and retailers to share with their networks.
  • will include a store locator of Member retail and garden centre businesses nationally.
  • by financially boosting Facebook and Instagram social posts of all Member businesses (who share content) providing the direct benefit of increase following of their pages.
  • aim to provide national media coverage of a new community gardening hub which draws information and content from all available sources including Member business blogs and videos, existing State Member campaigns such as #RediscoverYourGarden by NGIV, the fantastic information and resources available on Plant Life Balance; and Garden Releaf by Garden Centre of Australia (GCA).

The 8-week campaign funded by Greenlife Industry Australia and supported by GCA is due to kick off next week.

With many ideas for additional phases already being proposed for a strong launch into Spring, opportunities to support the campaign are available to Members.

If you would like more information about the campaign or would like to find out more about how you can support future phases, please email Kobie Keenan at kobie.keenan@greenlifeindustry.com.au.