Further Resources

The EPPRD and a range of supporting documents,
including the National Plant Health Status Report,
and Pest Contingency Plans are available online at

For more information and resources to assist in
implementingbiosecurity practices, visit

Weeds in Australia website. An excellent resource with
a good range of information , reference lists, databases
and pictures. Visit http://www.weeds.gov.au

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manages Australia's biosecurity system in partnership with other governments, industry and the community.

Australia's import/export conditions for plants, plant material and seeds can be found by searching the Biosecurty Import Conditions system (BICON).
Plant Biosecurity Import Risk Analysis

* Note: These departments are integrated under the Biosecurity Services Group (BSG). Other departments within the BSG include parts of Product Integrity, Animal and Plant Health division; and the Quarantine and Biosecurity Policy Unit. The new structure aims to enhance service delivery along the biosecurity continuum (pre-border, border and post-border) and improve biosecurity risk management. For more information, visit http://www.agriculture.gov.au