Announcing GIA’s Platinum corporate partner

GIA are very pleased to welcome Immij as Greenlife Industry Australia's Platinum corporate partner.
We look forward to a long association with Immij who through their Greenlife team is dedicated to servicing the horticultural sector specialising in the design and production of vivid, high quality plant labels, plant tags, seed packets, bulb packets, other packaging and point of sale material.

Immij is a national printing communications business with a history of serving the Greenlife industry for over fifty years. Greenlife by Immij, a speciality arm of Immij, provides printed plant labels, tags, seed and bulb packets and specialised greenlife packaging and media services. Immij is the exclusive licensee in Australia for Floramedia Holland who possess a full time team of photographers operating exclusively within their photographic garden nursery and externally on assignment. Floramedia has the largest and most comprehensive database of horticultural images worldwide, providing Immij access to a world class image library and knowledge of global trends in Greenlife Packaging and retailing trends.

Immij is also at the forefront of sustainable packaging trends and boasts ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation in addition to ISO9001 quality accreditation and ISO12647 Colour Consistency Accreditation.

Bring your business to life with Greenlife by Immij. Our horticultural marketing experts work hand-in-hand with every client to create an environment that sustains and nourishes your brand. From packaging design to choosing the perfect product solutions, we help clients transform their company, every step of the way.

Our services include:
Plant Tags and Labels
Custom and Stock Plant Labels

At Immij, each of our bespoke labels can be customised to your standards, ensuring that you have the right images, colours, and instructions to satisfy and engage your customers. Our designers can even offer advice on the style of label best suited to your brand.

Custom and Stock Plant Tags

Plant tags not only provide vital information on optimal growing environments but allow for you to bare influence on the end consumers buying decision. Once the consumer finds what they are looking for they will often find themselves with a decision of two or more brands or varieties, at this point of time there will be few variables that you as a business can control. One point that you may be able to bare influence is with a custom plant tag designed by the experts.

Custom Plant Labels for Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are currently one of the largest selling sectors of the horticultural market, the growth in this area has sparked a need for new innovative marketing and labels. Here at immij® Greenlife, we know that each plant label you choose supports your brand image and instils trust in your target market.

Seed Packets
How does your commercial garden grow?

With a little help from Immij, you can ensure that your company has all the resources it needs to engage customers, boost revenue, and build profits. With our custom-designed seed packets, you can even inspire green-fingered gardeners to create the perfect outdoor space from scratch.

Packaging and Point of Sale design
Nurture your company with Immij

As experts in the world of horticultural design, we know how difficult it can be for modern companies to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. If you want to get ahead of the competition, you need an image that inspires your audience, and the right resources to share your visual values with the world.
Our unique packaging design solutions could be the key to transforming your company and giving your business the attention it deserves. At Immij, we’re proud to serve our customers with countless incredible images, all carefully chosen for their quality, and visual impact.

Pot Wraps

At Immij our goal is to nourish and support your growth by offering you solutions that catch the eye. We understand it can be a challenge to stand out in todays crowded market place, which is why we offer you a wide and unique selection of design options including Pot Plant Wraps.

Plant Tray Handles

Here at Immij we specialise in unique, eye catching packaging including tray handles. Tray handles are a great way for your nursery to stand out in a crowded botanical market place, you can create your own custom made plant tray handles with your nursery’s branding, colours and plant type. Our goal is to help you grow your branding and allow your packaging to be as unique as you are, we aim to assist you in engaging your customers, boost sales and build profits.

Marketing for the Greenlife Industry
Cultivate more customers with immij® Greenlife.

The right visual identity is more than just a way to help your company stand in today’s crowded marketplace. With the right images, you can inspire loyalty in your customers, demonstrate authority for your brand, and enhance awareness all at the same time.

If you’re ready to beautify your business and nurture, reach out to the experts at Immij today.