MineARC Systems Member Spotlight

Biora by MineARC Systems brings decades of controlled environment expertise to the biotech industry, specialising in multi-functional walk-in chambers and environmental control rooms.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia Biora offers a suite of products from reach-in chambers, field weather simulators, modular and portable walk-in chambers, as well as ancillary equipment.

Biora is proud to be Australian owned and operated. Our in-house engineers, service technicians and on-site production facilities give clients added flexibility while streamlining the design, installation and support processes.

Working alongside leading universities and government departments, including the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, University of Western Australia and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development have enabled the company to build its innovative techniques. The creation of progressive technology continually meets the ever-changing needs of research applications across plant science, agricultural and biotechnology.

We believe understanding the complex needs of clients is crucial. This is why Biora encompasses an all-inclusive approach to the development process; meaning clients have control over every part of the design, manufacture, growing and testing process, including:

  • Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Lighting
  • Carbon Dioxide Control
  • Security
  • Modular Design

Research Grade Portable Walk-In Tissue Culture Room by Biora
Take a look inside a custom research-grade, walk-in tissue culture chamber; engineered and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia by Biora.

This video showcases the tissue culture room with two separate research areas, an overview of engineering capabilities, and a short insight into Biora.

Learn more:
Biora brings a fresh approach to the industry. Custom-focused, design-enabled, and advancing technology, Biora has the ability to grow with clients.

View the current range of products and capabilities on the website https://minearc.com/chambers/biora-chambers/ or email
info@minearc.com.au for trusted advice on your projects requirements.

*Pictured right
(Top) The Biora portable, Walk-In Grow Room has a robust, manoeuvrable design easily placed in outdoor environments.
(Middle) This custom, portable Walk-In Grow Room provides the ideal environment for medicinal cannabis research.
(Bottom) Inside a Biora Walk-In Tissue Culture Room