The first Annual General Meeting and Director Rotation for GIA announced

President Glenn Fenton has announced Wednesday 2 December 2020 as the date for the first Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Greenlife Industry Australia.
This AGM will be a significant milestone for the industry’s national peak body with the Board planning to hold the meeting remotely. The agenda will also include the formal adoption of the GIA Constitution and the first Director rotation process will be finalised at the meeting.
For the first time, the industry’s national body will conduct the AGM remotely. While this seems an obvious choice during the coronavirus pandemic, at the July Board Meeting, the Directors also indicated this technology will ensure the business of the national peak body is accessible to Members countrywide.
During the meeting, the Board also discussed the progression for the rotation of Directors as required under the constitution.
In a show of commitment to the important work of the peak body and their personal dedication to the broader industry, all GIA Directors indicated their firm desire to remain on the national Board. As such, a random selection exercise was conducted on 28 July to fairly identify the two positions required to commence the rotation under the constitution.
Glenn Fenton and Brian Acworth were randomly selected through an independent process presided over by Life Member Gary Eyles. Both Glenn and Brian immediately indicated their intention to renominate for the Board.
The Board Nomination process will be implemented by GIA over the coming months with the Board Nomination Committee already appointed in accordance with clause 17.1. GIA Vice President Ben Grange is joined by Life Members Russ Higginbotham and David Matthews who will have the role of:
  • Identifying the necessary and desirable director competencies for the skills-based Board.
  • Assessing the applications of candidates nominated to be re-elected and or elected to the office of director.
  • Choose from those nominees those persons who will, in its view, best ensure that the Board collectively has an appropriate balance of skills and experience.
  • Advise the Secretary of the candidates which were endorsed by the committee to stand for election.
Information relating to the AGM and nomination process will be provided to Members over the coming months with applications scheduled to open in September and close in mid-October.
For more information on GIA governance activities, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Vaughan at or on 0400 739 802.