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GIA would like to welcome its new Foundation members for this month

Heynes Wholesale Nursery, South Australia

Proteaflora Nursery, Victoria

Landscape Skills, Queensland

Cup O Flora, NSW

Exeter Designer Plants, NSW

Horticultural Media Association Australia

Sandra Gillanders of Gillanders Plants, Queensland

And new student members

Robyn McCormack
Stephanie Chadwick
Mark Stanton


CUP O FLORA® is an award-winning self-watering glass pot that grows beautiful plants sustainably, with a range of vessels to fit any home or office.

CUP O FLORA’s owner Odi Reuveni has been 'rescuing' plants from friends and nurseries for most of his life, and bringing them back to life. Odi's challenge was to come up with a natural and clean alternative to conventional pots that would make plant care easy.

Odi used his training as a researcher to explore the market and came across a small plastic pot while travelling in Brazil, then spent six months improving the design and quality of the product, which resulted in CUP O FLORA winning the Good Design Australia Awards in 2018.

The pot’s versatility makes it perfect for a variety of foliage plants or adjusted to host succulents and herbs.

Our goal is to let customers with different levels of plant-keeping skills work and live in a green environment. Our clean, self-caring pots allow those with and without a green thumb to keep their plants thriving for longer. The transparent self-watering system lets CUP O FLORA owners see when the plant needs water, with hassle-free top-up once every few weeks.

Click here to find out more about CUP O FLORA.