Sustainable Packaging in Horticulture ONLINE INDUSTRY WORKSHOP

We're back and we're taking things online!

Garden City Plastics (GCP), Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) and the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) are pleased to present the new look online…

Sustainable Packaging in Horticulture Industry Workshop

Friday, 19 June 2020

via Zoom

We invite you to join us for a collaborative industry workshop to improve sustainability outcomes in plant packaging for the Ornamental Horticulture industry.

As any gardener knows, the polypropylene pots used to transport seedlings and plants from growers to garden beds across Australia, are not currently recycled through household recycling collections. As a result, they often end up stacked at the back of the shed, because very few gardeners want to send them to landfill.

In an effort to increase the recovery and recycling of this versatile material, GCP and APCO are joining forces with GIA and the horticulture industry to design and establish a national collection system, aimed at recovering this valuable material for recycling back into new pots.

We’ve been making good progress with pilot schemes, but to help take the program to a national level, we invite your involvement, your input and your inspiration on how best to address this challenge... and while you’re there, help to help identify other priority challenges to delivering sustainable packing across the horticultural sector.

To facilitate that discussion, in these times of social distancing, the Industry Workshop will be hosted on the Zoom digital teleconferencing platform*. We hope that this will enable participation from right across Australia, because you can now join us via telephone or computer, from the comfort of your own 'office', wherever that may currently be...

The workshop will take place from 10am-1.00pm on Friday, 19 June 2020 and we hope that you will join us online, for this important discussion.

In anticipation, we encourage you to think about how your business could help build a closed loop for recycling plant pots.
We look forward to seeing you online, on June 19th.


Matthew Mills, Garden City Plastics

Jayne Paramor APCO

Peter Vaughan GIA