#PlantPals launches this week

Greenlife Industry Australia (GIA) is working with GIA Member NGI Associations and Garden Centres of Australia (GCA) to deliver an eight (8) week member orientated, local consumer engagement campaign called Plant Pals.

Cox Inall Communication (CIC) has been engaged by GIA to roll out Plant Pals and take advantage of the increased popularity of gardening and greenlife as COVID-19 restrictions ease. The goal of the campaign is to position member retail nurseries and garden centres as the primary destination for garden tips, landscaping advice and consumer purchases of greenlife.

A soft launch of the campaign before Mother’s Day has seen great engagement from retailers and growers. With the official media launch scheduled for next week on Wednesday 20 May, eligible businesses will receive the next stage of information via email on Monday 18th in preparation for the announcement.

The campaign will benefit the members of GIA, NGI Associations and GCA in a number of ways by:

  • helping strengthen the independent retail and garden centre channel for growers (valued at E$500m).
  • establishing a movement for growers, landscapers and retailers to share information and advice long after COVID-19 has moved on. This hub of information will be hosted on the soon to be launched microsite at www.plantpals.com.au.
  • a retail store locator with a postcode search on the Plant Pals site.
  • providing free #PlantPals content to share socially on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • contribute to an increased following of business social pages by boosting those posts directly
  • a free ‘toolbox’ of content and media support to encourage businesses to be the hero of their own campaign.

CIC are launching the national media campaign next week. As well as conducting media outreach, CIC will be on standby to support businesses in their Plant Pals media activities. Resources have been developed for businesses answering common questions, outlining the key messages and providing talking points, for those businesses successful in gaining local media coverage. CIC will also provide telephone support for tips and advice about liaising with media.

Additional phases of the concept will be subject to funding however, Plant Pals has provided the Association with a foundation on which to build future phases which target other greenlife supply channels including residential landscape.

If you would like more information about the campaign or would like to find out more about how you can support future phases, please email Kobie Keenan at kobie.keenan@greenlifeindustry.com.au.