Nursery Award changes come into effect 4 February 2020

Finalisation of the 4 yearly review of the Nursery Award 2010

On 25 November 2019, a Determination was issued by the Full Bench varying the Nursery Award 2010 and issuing the Nursery Award 2020 as a result of the finalisation of the 4 yearly review of modern awards process for this award.

The operative date for the Nursery Award 2020 is 4 February 2020. It is a consolidated version that replaces Nursery Award 2010 but is still MA000033.

4 yearly review process and location of relevant documents for the Nursery Award

The 4 yearly review commenced in 2014. Throughout the review process relevant materials have been published for the dedicated webpage for the Nursery Award 2010 . Please refer to this webpage to access materials including submissions, correspondence, transcripts, listings, decisions, statements and determinations that have been received or issued in relation to the Nursery Award 2010.

The Nursery Awardwas considered at length and a number of decisions and statements have been issued in relation to this Award. An exposure draft based on the current 2010 Nursery Award was created in 2016 and updated throughout the review with agreed or decided changes. These form the basis for the 2020 award.

The current copy of the Nursery Award 2020 is available here. You can review the changes to the Award in the final Exposure Draft here.

In future applications to vary the Award can be made under sections 157 to 161 of the Fair Work Act 2009 .

Please contact Peter Vaughan at Greenlife Industry Australia at or contact the office toll free on 1800 252 468 if you would like to discuss the Award or have any concerns.