Overview of 100 Day Operations Plan

The first 100 days of operation culminates with the delivery of the draft strategic plan for Greenlife Industry Australia. The aim is to have the draft plan by 13 November, which will be day 97 of operation. The next steps will then be to finalise the plan and start its implementation. You can view the overview here.

I have prepared an overview of the key activities and their status to illustrate what we have been doing and the breadth of undertakings. The overview is broken into the priority areas we have been addressing of Governance, Finance, Membership, Management, Strategy and Relationships.

This work has primarily been to establish Greenlife Industry Australia and manage the transition of activities, projects, intellectual property, assets and other arrangements from NGIA. We have also continued to manage the organisation of the Healthy Plants Healthy People national conference in Perth next year (3-5 March), the Nursery Production Farm Management System (NPFMS) and the levy funded biosecurity, statistics and communications projects.