Training package changes

Skills Impact are currently conducting a review of several qualifications as part of a broad review of qualifications across the Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management training package. This training package covers qualifications from Cert I through to Graduate Diplomas offered through the Vocational Education and Training Sector (VET).

As production horticulture, nursery production and retail nursery are linked in the supply chain it makes sense to review units relating to these areas as a group. In this way there is greater scope to consider career pathways and how they might be better supported by the qualifications, skill sets and units. It also allows industry experts to contribute knowledge across as many areas as is relevant.

The review has seen some initial discussions and scoping of the project undertaken and from here drafts of the new qualifications will be developed and available for comment in mid-September.

If you are interested about the project or commenting in general, then you can find more information at

As an industry, this review is quite important as it directly impacts upon the quality, relevance and accessibility of the training our industry has access to. This applies not only to new entrants but also to the upskilling of our current workforce.

The recent levy funded review of nursery industry career pathways conducted by RMCG highlighted several areas of opportunity for industry, including around training package design and delivery. If industry is going to overcome the issues around a declining work force, then we need to look at each area of opportunity and make the most of it.