Help Greenlife Industry Australia better represent you

By Gabrielle Stannus

Of the many trade shows and events Greenlife Industry Australia CEO Peter Vaughan attends each year, the Associations Forum National Conference in Canberra may appear at first glance to be one of the driest. However, this event provided representatives of associations from across Australia with the opportunity to learn from top bureaucrats and regulators on how to better represent their members.
The 14th annual Associations Forum National Conference was held at the National Convention Centre Canberra from 15-16 July. At its ‘ Working with Bureaucracy & Regulators’ session, Peter Vaughan found a wealth of information to help the many associations such as Greenlife Industry Australia who invariably need to work in conjunction with government authorities. “We heard from the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) and the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) on how associations and their members can best utilise their services,” says Peter.

This session covered the role of government agencies and authorities; advocacy through working together to develop changes; and whether political changes affect bureaucracy and regulators. “Two of the most important aspects for Greenlife Industry Australia as the industry representative body is to protect investments and cut business costs, e.g. by reducing red tape. A good, working relationship between the Greenlife Industry Australia and those government authorities and bodies is key to making this happen,” says Peter.

“(Through the ACCC) we could get an exemption from the competition law for small businesses to come together to act collectively. It is just one example of where we could work with a government body to come up with an approach of what we could do to represent industry,” Peter adds.

Peter acknowledges that members need to engage and interact with many different government organisations at various times, including those mentioned.

“Greenlife Industry Australia can represent your concerns to these bodies,” Peter says to members, “These are important advocacy authorities we need to work with to ensure that you understand what your compliance requirements are. We also need to talk to these bodies to progress change in what they do to make it easier for you to conduct business.”

If you have any concerns about competition, consumer, product safety or other small business law and regulations that you would like Greenlife Industry Australia to take up on your behalf, please contact Peter Vaughan directly via or on (02) 8861 5100.