Meet the Team responsible for advancing the reinvention of NGIA

Late in December 2018 , a transition team of NGI members was to be identified to advance the reinvention of a hybrid national body.

This team will work to produce an Information Memorandum that ar ticulates the proposed model and provide a basis for members to make a decision in June this year.

The Team were nominated for the task based on their membership, skills and expertise, industry standing, availability and wanting the best outcome for the nursery industry.  

We asked the Team their thoughts on the proposed hybrid model. This is what they said.

“As one of the originators, over 20 years ago, of the current changes, I look forward to playing a role in the reinvention of this organisation, giving it strength and stability to support our extraordinary Industry in the future.” Russ Higginbotham, Transition Team Chairperson

“A hybrid association where both businesses and State Associations are direct Members is a very good option for a reinvented National body. I look forward to helping frame a strong national organisation with the capacity and resources required to capitalise on opportunities for Members.” Glenn Fenton (VIC )

“This is our opportunity to maximise the collective resources of our network and establish a robust nationally representative body. I believe a single organisation will be able to deliver a clear national direction with improved member engagement and benefits across the country along with stronger representation of our industry.” Colin Groom (WA)

“Our industry needs to be positioned as an employer of choice, and it must provide ongoing support and development opportunities for current and future Members. This is just one way, a hybrid national body can protect and secure the future of our diverse industry .“ Symone Mansfield (VIC )

“In the 27 years of my Membership, I’ve seen business practices, government policy and Member needs change significantly. Our multi-billion dollar Industry deserves a progressive national body that can tackle the business, policy and climate challenges of the future.“ Andy Cameron (NSW)

“It was an honour to be asked to join the transition team. The Nursery and Garden industry is well placed to take advantage of the global recognition and importance of green life. The proposed hybrid model will give the industry the ability to regroup, re-energise and raise the profile of the industry to benefit all of its members.” Robin McLay (QLD)

“My future is in this Industry. I look forward to helping shape an organisation that is responsive to Member’s needs; provides support and benefits locally; is proactive and has a strong voice with government.”
Chris Simon (SA)

You can read the full profiles of the Transition Team here.