New Minor Use Permit

Cormoran Insecticide, containing the active ingredients acetamiprid and novaluron (PER86931), is now able for use on NURSERY STOCK (NON-FOOD) seedlings, tubes & plugs, potted colour, trees and shrubs, foliage plants, palms and grasses and fruiting plants (NON-BEARING). Cormoran can be used to control aphids, bugs, leafhoppers, lepidoptera larvae, mealybugs, psyllids, scale and thrips. It is a rapid knockdown insecticide with residual activity, combining two active ingredients with one being an insect growth regulator and the other a feeding inhibitor.

A copy of the permit is attached and should be kept on file if you are using the product in this application.

For a complete list of industry minor use permits please go the Nursery Production FMS website or click on the link HERE or visit the APVMA website to search for particular permits.

An initiative of the Nursery Levy funded National Nursery Industry Biosecurity Program (NY15004)

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