Nursery Production FMS Manuals – Revised and Updated 2018

NGIA has undertaken a revision and update program during 2018 of the Nursery Production FMS program manuals to ensure they are current, accurate and are addressing the risk areas important to businesses today. The NIASA BMP Guidelines, EcoHort Environmental Guidelines and BioSecure HACCP Biosecurity Manual have all had a revision and have new content for businesses to consider implementing across their cropping systems. To access new copies of the updated manuals go to the NGIA dedicated technical website at:

In summary the updates under each program include:

NIASA BMP Guidelines
  1. APPENDIX 8 NURSERY INDUSTRY WATER MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES. The Nursery Industry Water Management Best Practice Guidelines have been removed from the NIASA Guidelines and are now available to download as a separate publication and a companion document to NIASA BMP Guidelines ( ).
  2. APPENDIX 12 FREIGHT AND LOGISTICS - A.12.10 Heavy Vehicle National Law. This section has been added to provide guidance in addressing new Heavy Vehicle National Law and associated Chain of Responsibility.
  3. APPENDIX 13 AVOCADO HIGH HEALTH PRODUCTION. Appendix 13 has been added to provide guidance in the production of high health avocado nursery stock and gain NIASA Avocado High Health Production Accreditation.
  4. APPENDIX 14 TREE STOCK SPECIFICATIONS. Appendix 14 has been added to provide guidance in the production of nursery tree stock and allows a NIASA accredited production nursery to gain NIASA Tree Stock Specification Accreditation.

EcoHort Environmental Guidelines
  1. Minor formatting and minor edits related to section 5.5 Managing Native Vegetation, Wildlife and Ecosystems - Invasive plants (environmental weeds). Links to management resources.

BioSecure HACCP Biosecurity Manual
  1. A1.8 PEST, DISEASE & WEED CROP MONITORING PROCEDURES. Relevant sections have been amended to reflect new inspection intervals based on crop type and periods of pest susceptibility and potential impact (see page A1: 23. Table 13).
  2. A1.9 SITE SURVEILLANCE PROCEDURE. Sections have been amended to change frequency to at least once every 28 days to reflect typical import requirement standards.
  3. The audit checklist for Nursery Production and Greenlife Market has been moved from Section 4. And is now included as a separate Appendix (see APPENDIX 4 (A4)).
  4. The audit checklist for a Growing Media Supplier has been moved from Section 4. and is now included as a separate Appendix (see APPENDIX 5 (A5)).