Win a copy of Cut the Noise!

By Gabrielle Stannus

As we approach 2019, many of you are perhaps thinking about making a New Year’s resolution or two. To help you do things differently next year, we turn to Chris Helder for advice. And in the spirit of Christmas, we are giving away one copy of Chris’ book: Cut the Noise to a lucky reader.

In the August edition of the National Nursery News, Jan Paul Van Moort from ACIL Allen encouraged NGIA members to think about why they were in the industry in order to better plan their future. The sage words of Chris Helder may be of assistance to those NGIA members contemplating their business future as they enter the New Year.

Chris Helder, an award-winning author and international keynote speaker, presented at NGIA’s “Growing Edge” conference last February. He is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner specialising in advanced communication and behavioural modelling. He is also the author of three bestselling books The Ultimate Book of Influence, Cut the Noise and Useful Belief.

Useful Belief
Useful Belief is about much more than just positive thinking. Running a business can be a demanding task. Chris acknowledges that sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. However, we can still do something about it if we choose to adopt what Chris calls a “useful belief”. That is, finding something that is within your ability to make a change in this situation. Chris says that the most useful belief of all is that “this

is the best time in the history of the world to be in the nursery industry. If you believe this, the filter in your brain will go and look for those opportunities. If you show your passion for your job, then others will catch it too. It’s about being real, authentic in what you do and say”.

Cut the Noise
In Cut the Noise, Chris encourages readers to achieve better results with less guilt. Chris says: “Really tune in to what it is that’s important for your business. In Chapter 2 (of Cut the Noise), there is a great piece on clearing the stumbling blocks and about framing the activities in your life under the following headings; Love, Money and Accomplishment. This will help you find your why. It will increase your focus and give you a greater sense of satisfaction in all that you do. Not everything we do has to be fun”.

Chris says that it is okay to feel ten seconds of guilt when things have not gone as planned. However, after that it is time to move on. “There is no need to hold on to the guilt we feel on things that we can’t control, likewise when we make a mistake there is no need to constantly beat ourselves up about it. Acknowledge the failing, look at what went well, what didn’t go so well and what have you learnt from the experience; then park it! It’s now in the past; we can’t change it. We need to move on and focus on where we are heading”, says Chris.

Win a copy of Cut the Noise!
Where are you and your business heading in 2019? Would you like to do things differently in your personal and professional life? If so, enter our competition to win a copy of Chris’ book Cut the Noise. Simply share your most ‘Useful Belief’ with NGIA via by 5pm, Friday 18 January 2019. Tell us in brief how you have found something that was within your ability to make a change in a difficult situation. One lucky winner will be drawn at random.

We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!