New minor use permit approved for industry by the APVMA

A new minor use permit (PER14856) has been approved by the APVMA for industry use on nursery stock to meet intra and interstate quarantine requirements Permit 14856 allows the off-label use of registered products containing the active constituents: bifenthrin, chlorothalonil, chlorpyrifos, imidacloprid and mancozeb.
Before a pesticide can be used in Australia, it must first be registered for use with the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). The registration process requires pesticide manufacturers to submit a comprehensive application including information on its chemistry and manufacture, the toxicological impacts on public and occupational health, any residues, environmental safety of the product, and the efficacy of the product.

Developing or obtaining the data to support an application is expensive. In small crop or pest situations, this expense can be cost prohibitive, especially when limited economic gain or return on investment is achievable. In these situations however a permit may be granted which allows for the legal use of a pesticide in a minor use application. The permit then allows for the legal use of a pesticide outside of its label instructions. This enables industry to address any pesticide gaps that it has, ensure adequate rotation of chemistry to prevent resistance and ensure access to improved actives.

Permits may also be granted by the APVMA for use in emergency situations; such as an exotic pest or disease outbreak or for use in research applications.
The current minor use permits held by NGIA on behalf of industry as well as other minor use permits applicable to production nurseries can be found at

Before using this permit or others on the list attached it is advised that growers check the currency of the permit on the APVMA website especially for those not held by NGIA where permit versions may change without notice. The registration of products can also be checked on the APVMA website

You can inform the Nursery Production Minor Use Program on your pesticide needs or gaps by emailing: