NY12006 - Industry Development Network for the Nursery Industry

NY12006 Final Report - 040216.pdfThe nursery and garden industry was one of the first horticulture industries to engage Industry Development Officers (IDOs) and develop an industry accreditation scheme in the 1990s. The Australian Nursery Industry Development Network has been a key project for industry levy investment for over 15 years. During that period the business environment has experienced dramatic changes and as a result the Industry Development Network has changed to ensure it meets the needs of levy payers. The Industry Development Needs Assessment (IDNA) undertaken in 2009, identified a number of key areas for industry investment.
The IDNA identified the need for the
Industry Development Network to facilitate technology transfer and communications with all sectors of nursery production throughout Australia. Government support services in the area of horticultural technical extension and research has been reduced dramatically by Federal and State agencies, placing a greater emphasis on industry to undertake this role.