Try BioSecure HACCP for a more Resilient Business

By Tony Filippi, NGIA Biosecurity Certification Officer

Production nurseries face challenges every day producing a product that will meet their customer expectations at a price that is not only competitive with the market but also profitable to their bottom line.

Therefore, growers are always searching for ways to overcome these challenging risks and hazards that can at times be outside their control. Businesses that find ways to sustain their viability are known as being resilient.

So, what are the traits of a resilient business?

One that manages the pest, disease and weed risks through an integrated management approach while fully meeting its biosecurity and market access obligations. The business also efficiently utilises the available resources and inputs i.e. recycles which generates less waste; meets customer expectations consistently, has skilled staff to deliver that consistency and strives for operational excellence to manage their business risks and hazards.

Why is this important?

Customers and regulators want consistency of product and services, businesses that deliver on this demonstrate their competency and reliability which in turn builds customer loyalty, a trusted supplier. More often than not these are the businesses that survive in the face of hardship whether it be economic, weather or biosecurity related due to the robust systems that underpin the consistent supply of product.

Consistency can only be achieved with standardised processes and procedures, supported by monitoring and recording, that can be recognised and valued by the customer, but just as importantly understood and practiced by owners, managers and staff within the business.

How can I achieve this consistency?

The Nursery Industry have a program for growers that has simplified this management system by integrating Best Management Practices NIASA (Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia) with the systems approach of BioSecure HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) guiding an integrated pest management approach. These programs above, plus EcoHort, can deliver on this improved process management where owners and managers are guided with procedures and can comprehend and implement these requirements on their journey to a more resilient business.

What else can BioSecure HACCP deliver?

The implementation of BioSecure HACCP, which is available to all production nurseries, and media manufacturers, is a sound platform to integrate practices such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), as the principles of prevention and suppression, monitoring, decision making and actionable thresholds are addressed well before chemical intervention needs to be considered.

It is can be used as an industry owned equivalent to the Interstate Certification Assurance Scheme recognised by State biosecurity agencies for the legal certification of nursery stock moving across state/territory borders.

Where can I find out more on BioSecure HACCP?

NGIA will be conducting an Industry workshop forum at Horticulture Centre Forrest Hill in Victoria on May 30 th, this is open to all owners and key staff of production nurseries, greenlife markets and growing media manufacturers.

To register, download the flyer or for more information contact Tony Filippi on 0419 864746 or for an on farm visit your business.