NGIA supportsĀ amendments to the definition of Garden Centre

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment have released a document detailing the proposed amendments to the Standard Instrument LEP. Included in the initial strategic amendments is an amended definition for garden centres.

In March, Peter Vaughan directed a letter of support for the change to the Deputy Secretary, Alison Frame, highlighting the important role that garden retailers play in ensuring urban spaces benefit from public and private gardens.

In his letter, Peter also noted that current planning laws did not adequately facilitate the establishment of new garden centres and that the definition did not readily allow the type of retail premises the modern-day consumer demands.

Further, the letter highlighted the experience of our members regarding the uncertainty and confusion around the definition and the subsequent conflicting advice received by members.

The proposed intent of the amended definition is to clarify principle and complementary uses and it lists the uses that may be associated with garden centres and hopes to remove ambiguity.

We encourage NSW Members to support the proposed changes to support the need for a stronger garden centre presence in NSW.

Submissions on the proposed amendments will close 5pm 18 May 2018.

For more information or to make a submission, CLICK HERE.