NGIA brings ‘International’ to MIFGS

NGIA brings ‘International’ to MIFGS

NGIA hosted the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) in Melbourne during March to coincide with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. With over 70 delegates from 20 countries, it certainly helped to put the ‘international’ into MIFGS.

AIPH hold two meetings annually with this being their “Spring” (most AIPH members are from the Northern Hemisphere) meeting, which for the first time is being held in Australia, so it is the Spring meeting in Autumn/Fall. The slogan for the AIPH is “ The world’s champion for the power of plants” with the mission to reignite and uphold an appreciation of plants that we believe is a basic human instinct.

The NGIA Board held a joint session with the AIPH Board to provide details of the Australian nursey industry and to discuss areas of interest. The AIPH meeting was conducted in Melbourne, to also showcase MIFGS, the gardens and the flower show to the AIPH delegates, so there is a global appreciation of the Australian industry and MIFGS.

The week of activities for the AIPH delegates included:

- Update on International Horticultural Expo Conferences
- Understanding the global industry for ornamentals
- A session on Plant Health - including a presentation on Australia’s plant health certification scheme by John McDonald. The Nursery Production Farm Management System programs of NIASA, EcoHort and BioSecure HACCP were well regarded by the AIPH delegates with comments of how advanced they are.
- An International Green Cities Conference being held at MIFGS
- The tour of MIFGS gardens and flower show
- A Professional Tour to visit Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery, Ball Australia and the Melbourne Botanical Gardens

The International Green Cities Conference conducted has the theme – Towards a Healthy and Sustainable City. It brought together leading experts in health and sustainability as speakers to demonstrate how Green Cities are places in which people aspire to live, how green-living helps them in their daily lives and how it is utilised to improve their overall standard of living.

A diverse and fascinating range of topics was covered, presentations included how to make high-density cities healthier places to live in through greening, and how/why green space matters so much in the ongoing fight to prevent heart disease, type2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Also covered was the role of green roofs, with in-depth case study examples from both South Korea and Singapore, as well as why managing the relationship between water and landscape within a city is so critical.

Peter Vaughan welcomes AIPH to Melbourne and presents some key stats on Australian ornamental Hort industry