Structure Review update following a meeting of the network on 22 February

The aim of the review of the NGI network structure has been to assess, identify, establish and implement an optimum structure for the nursery industry. The structure will provide the governance, resources and frameworks to provide services, benefits and value to NGI members equally across the country, in the most cost effective and resource efficient manner.

The original requirement for the review was due to reduced funding available because of declining membership numbers and changed funding arrangements with the transition of Horticulture Australia Limited to Horticulture Innovation Australia. A number of the NGI associations have not been profitable over recent years and using reserves to support their operations.

The review process is now getting to the stage where the members of the NGI network can make a decision on progressing to one united industry organisation. This will be done through a vote of members.

The final piece of the puzzle is to develop a financial model to demonstrate the new proposed entity will be profitable and to demonstrate the efficiencies of one organisation servicing members across the country.

A meeting of the NGIA Board, State Presidents, Executives and other representatives was conducted after the NGIA Conference on 22 February. The aim of the meeting was to determine what is the final information and detail required to ensure the industry members have the best available information to make a decision. The next meeting of this group is scheduled for 15 May.

A panel session of the structure review was conducted at the conference. This session was “streamed live” over the internet so all members could have an opportunity to be fully informed an ask questions on the whys and wherefores of the review. The recording of the panel session is below.

Please contact NGIA at or Peter Vaughan at if you would like any further information on the structure review and to assist you on making an informed decision when there is a vote.