Matthew Evans - Keynote Speaker

A former chef and food critic turned Tasmanian

smallholder. He fattens pigs, milks a cow, tends a garden and writes about food from
his office overlooking the silver birches atop his cottage on Puggle Farm in the
gorgeous Huon Valley.

The man behind SBS' Gourmet Farmer, now in its third season, he is the author of
nine books on food, including the authoritative Real Food Companion, his
autobiography Never Order Chicken on a Monday, and the recently co-authored
Gourmet Farmer Deli Book. He writes regularly for Feast magazine, and spends
much of his week setting up another 70 acre piece of land as a mixed farm under the
name Fat Pig Farm. He attends markets and food festivals, sometimes in his hot red
1980s Fat Pig food van, specialising in old and rare breed pork.

His other project is A Common Ground, an artisan Tasmanian foodstore he co-owns
with Nick Haddow, which also specialises in regional produce events.