Joint NGI Network meet to discuss the second Structure Review report

In Sydney on Monday 13 November, the Nursery & Garden Industry (NGI) National Board and NGI State Presidents, representatives and Executive Officers met to discuss the next report on the Structure Review of the Australian nursery & garden industry, handed down earlier this month.

The second phase of the review process was an action of the first meeting held in November 2016 where the joint meeting collectively agreed that change is necessary for the future of the industry.

Following the formation of the Structure Change Advisory Committee in May 2017, further information and careful consideration has been invested into the second report including financial modelling and consideration of systems and resources required for the proposed new structure.

All organisations involved in the review were represented at the meeting. The Structure Review Advisory Committee was present as well as Russell Cummings, Independent Chair and Damien Smith of Enterprise Care, an expert in corporate governance and structural transition.

The group received a presentation from Russell and Damien and had opportunity to ask questions of the SCAC in a detailed Q & A session. Each organisation in the network also made comment on the report and process.

Outgoing NGIA President Mike Mehigan who has been a strong supporter of the review process said he felt the industry now had a road map on which to move forward. He acknowledged there were issues that needed resolution, but that all concerns could be addressed within the proposed framework.

Karen Brock, new NGIA President and SCAC Committee Member said, “A concise information document will now be prepared for member’s consideration and there will be opportunity to discuss the review during the panel session at the National Conference in Hobart next year.”

“Over the coming months details will be finalised and shared with members for their consideration, a date will be set for a vote of members nationally, and if transition is accepted, a timeline of activities will be established.”

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Information on the review of the structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia can be found at .