SCAC Committee Members meet with State NGI Organisations

The Structural Change Advisory Committee (SCAC) has held meetings with the majority of State Nursery & Garden Industry (NGI) Associations this month, with NGI Victoria waiting to schedule their meeting for late October.

The meetings have been positive and have provided the Committee with feedback for consideration in second review report, which is due next month, in time for the joint meeting of the network Presidents and Executive Officers.

Of note, the need for change and the benefits of the unity model were discussed including the prospect of better communication between members and the board through an Industry Council; likelihood of improved local activity and service delivery; and more particularly, the removal of duplication and freeing up of resources.

“Throughout this second phase review, we have remained focused on how we can refine the industry model to achieve better outcomes for members. We believe there are better ways for our industry to work together and our role has been to continue to investigate how this can best be achieved for us, the members,” said Karen Brock, SCAC Committee Member.

“Between the review last year and the further investigations this year, we’ve received plenty of input into how a transition may be effected. We are developing a plan and drafting the instruments that will achieve the best possible outcome for our industry.”

Russell Cummings, SCAC Chair also met with Damien Smith of Enterprise Care, an expert in organisational and constitutional change. Damien provided a comprehensive insight into the process of structural change and also commented specifically on the steps the nursery industry should following including a guideline around the time it would take to achieve an outcome for industry.

The Committee will deliver their report in the first week of November to the organisations who are party to the Terms of Reference. The joint meeting of the network will be held in Sydney on Tuesday 13 November.

The Terms of Reference and information on the activities of the SCAC and their profiles is available at Stakeholders are asked to direct any enquires around the review process to