Two day workshop yields progress in the structure review deliberations.

The Structural Change Advisory Committee (SCAC) met in Sydney on 10 and 11 August for a concentrated two-day effort to further the investigations for the proposed National Unity Model for the Australian nursery and garden industry.

All members of the SCAC participated in the workshop which was independently chaired by Russell Cummings.

Armed with the SCAC Terms of Reference, the Committee systematically worked through scope and the required outputs. They defined the elements of the National Unity Model as recommended in the 2016 Structure Review Report and made significant progress in areas of member benefits and service delivery.

“We recognise how important delivery of services and benefits is to our members and want to ensure that this area is prioritised by the Committee,” said Peter Jong of Jong’s Nursery in South Australia. “We are also mindful of the legacy assets of the State Associations and so have spent time on the best way to protect those assets while ensuring their long-term accessibility to benefit members in those respective regions.”

Russell Cummings advised that the Committee spent time on financial modelling for the recommended model and has now sought the advice of an expert in this area in accordance with the Terms of Reference.

The intention is for representatives of the SCAC to participate in discussions with member boards across the country during October.

Much more work is required before the draft report is delivered to the joint meeting of the network organisations in November and the Committee continues to work tirelessly towards this deadline.

The Terms of Reference and information on the activities of the SCAC and their profiles is available at . Stakeholders are asked to direct any enquires around the review process to