Access lower-cost finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Access lower-cost finance from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

The Australian Government, in its 2016 Policy for a Stronger Agriculture Sector committed to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to encourage further investment in Agriculture.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) provides finance for energy efficiency, renewable energy and low emissions projects.

The initial CEFC commitment of $120 million has been exhausted. On 6 June 2017, the CEFC announced a further commitment of $180 million to the program.

It provides finance for on-farm projects through Westpac, NAB and Commonwealth Bank allowing farmers to access tailored loans for a broad range of upgrades including:

New farm vehicles
  • Production equipment, monitors and smart controls
  • Energy and water efficient irrigation systems, and
  • Installation of renewable power generation.

The CEFC finance loans, which you apply for directly with the bank include the following benefits:

  • discounted rates for small scale equipment upgrades through to system wide updates (available for loans as small as $10,000 up to $5m); and
  • loan terms of up to 10 years with the equipment generally acting as security for the loan.

This finance option provides growers with the opportunity to change their business energy sources, cut energy use and reduce emissions. Your business can benefit from lower operating costs and improved productivity and be protected from the rising costs of energy.

For more information on the Clean Energy Finance Corporation visit, download the Factsheet or contact your bank on the details above.