Highlights of MIFGS 2017

The Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show was again the epicentre of Australian horticulture this Autumn with many utilising the event to launch new products, events as well as network with industry peers.

National Garden Week 8-14th October

National Garden Week launched on the opening morning of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show by Garden Clubs of Australia President George Hoad.

The inaugural National Garden Week will be held 8-14th October and will be a chance to celebrate all things gardening, as well as highlight the associated environmental, social and health benefits. The week is open for all to embrace, including nurseries who can leverage this event to encourage sales during this busy spring period.

For further details see: www.gardenclubs.org.au

NGIV Precinct

The Nursery & Garden Industry of Victoria were out in force with a dedicated stage area for gardening presentations, displays of new plants and products in their ‘Revealed’ showcase, and the wonderful ‘Legacies’ show garden headed up by Steve Day of the Tree and Shrub growers of Victoria.

The Revealed evening event again proved popular with new releases showcased to both those in the industry and media in attendance. A list of products showcased can be found HERE.

Australian Garden Council Update

The Garden Council provided an update to media and guests after their AGM. Graham outlined the progress they have made over the last 12 months including gaining registered charity status, work encouraging students into gardening and horticulture, as well as supporting garden tourism, noting that less than 2% of the 300 million international garden tourists visit Australia. For more details visit: www.gardencouncil.org.au

Australis 2020

On the back of the Australian Garden Councils AGM, Steven Haggart presented the proposed change in location for Australis 2020 to Homebush after previous sites identified within South-East Queensland failed to get across the line.

Homebush was identified as the ideal choice as it offers the infrastructure to handle an event of this size, with visitor numbers projected in the millions, and revenues in the billions.

Outside of the event itself, the legacy of such an event is to "create a long-term ecotourism and educational asset for Australia, the legacy outcome of the first six-month International Garden Festival ever to be held in the Southern Hemisphere."

Australis 2020 would also coincide with the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s ‘voyage of discovery’ in 1770 with Joseph Banks.

For more details see: http://australis2020.com

Horticultural Media Association Australia

Over 120 members of the Horticultural Media of Australia met for their annual Pumphouse Dinner which coincides with MIFGS. Their anticipated move to form a more national body was a primary discussion point on the night and was well received by all those in attendance. Details and reasoning for this transition to a national membership be found HERE