NGIA CEO Update - February 2017

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the new era of the National Nursery News (NNN–Triple N) network with this monthly email. It is a bit of “back to the future” as NGIA's (or as known at the time, NIAA) official publication in the ‘90s was the National Nursery News magazine.

The new format NNN email will include my monthly update to members and also provide more articles, details and information on activities undertaken by NGIA, within the industry and across the globe. We will build a library of articles, podcasts and videos that can be reference and used at a later date and will shortly integrate a member only section of resources and information.

The NNN email will be sent in the last week of each Month to provide an overview of activities for that month and a preview of work and events upcoming. Please share this with your staff and encourage them to subscribe.

The focus of this NNN email is on the advocacy efforts undertaken by NGIA. Advocacy can be undertaken in a number of ways – lobbying, promoting, influencing, campaigning, recommending, support, etc – to improve the position and operation of member businesses.

Advocacy is just not done with Government but also to you as members, other industry stakeholders, your customers and the general public. There are a number of forms in which it can be undertaken through meetings, discussions, letters and submissions. Below are some of the recent advocacy activities undertaken by NGIA on your behalf:

  • Voice of Horticulture (VoH) – through my role as Director on the VoH, I continue to pursue for the nursery industry to be a pilot in the development of a levy payer register. The eventual output from this is to have a national grower register primarily for industry biosecurity management.
  • Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) – a number of meetings and communications with HIA on investments of the nursery levy to ensure they are addressing key industry issues and provide outputs to members.
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) – engaged with DAWR to understand their Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund. Funding obtained would help the nursery industry build it leadership capability.
  • Biosecurity – John McDonald and I are continually pushing the biosecurity interests and requirements of the nursery industry. In particular John is pursuing the use of BioSecure HACCP as the legal authority for the movement of plants across the country. We are also making a submission on the report for the Intergovernmental Agreement on Biosecurity Review to ensure the nursery industry requirements from a policy, R&D, management and strategic point of view are addressed.
  • Nursery Industry Data and Statistics Project – Kobie Keenan is managing this levy funded project on behalf of NGIA. The information gained from the project will provided important data and statistics on the nursery industry that will provide background material for our advocacy efforts.
  • National Horticulture Convention – NGIA has become a co-host of Hort Connections, which is the National Horticulture Convention to be held in Adelaide in May. Given the importance of the nursery sector as the supplier of the plant stock at the beginning of the production horticulture supply chain, we thought it important to promote the industry. The aim of our presence is to engage with the entire horticulture industry to highlight the importance of supplying high health, high quality, true-to-type material to the producers to encourage them to purchase planting stock from member nurseries.

As usual please contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns on the operation of NGIA and any feedback on this first edition of the NNN email.