Terms of Reference established for new the Structure Review Advisory Committee

Following the joint meeting of Nursery & Garden Industry representatives in November last year, work around the nursery and garden industry structure review continues.

At the meeting, Nursery & Garden Industry associations collectively agreed that change is necessary for the future of the industry and unanimously agreed on the need to move forward with the establishment of a steering committee for the next stage of discovery and due diligence.

Each association has been asked to nominate potential member representatives for the Structural Change Advisory Committee (the ‘Advisory Committee’) with a view to forming a working group of 5-6 individuals. This Committee will have the responsibility of assessing the implications of the report’s recommendations having regard to association efficiencies; strong advocacy and representation; and improved services and benefits for members.

The new terms of reference for the second phase of the review have been drafted around the recommendations from the report Nursery & Garden Industry Structure Review which was handed down in November 2016. The detailed scope contained in the terms, also take into account many comments made by network representatives at the joint meeting last year.

The Advisory Committee will investigate and report on, but not limited to the finances, systems, technology, governance, functions and roles of the proposed National Unity structure; independently and unbiasedly inform the Members of all relevant information; and seek the endorsement of the Network to facilitate a vote of the Members on a proposed new structure of the Network. Following a vote and dependent on the outcome, the Advisory Committee shall facilitate the successful transition to the agreed new structure or provide recommendations to the Network on how to proceed.

Following input from the state and national organisations, the terms of reference are currently being signed off by each organisation.

Industry Stakeholders are asked to direct their comments on the structure review to structurereview@ngia.com.au .

Information on the review of the structure of the nursery and garden industry in Australia can be found here.