An invitation to provide input into the future structure of the national industry network.

Dear Industry Colleague

Currently our industry operates under a federated structure, where each State and Territory has an association with a board and a constitution. The State and Territory associations appoint board members for the national association. This network of Associations aims to serve and assist industry members in a number of areas including extension and training, marketing, industrial relations and obtaining federal funding. Recent industry challenges have highlighted the need to review whether the current structure continues to suit the needs of industry and consequently the Nursery & Garden Industry Future Structure Committee (NGIFSC) has been established. The Committee is made up of current Nursery & Garden Industry members who are working voluntarily and independently of the industry associations.

Committee members have collected a considerable amount of industry opinions and feedback via ‘town hall meetings’ as well as written submissions. To ensure this data is representative of all industry stakeholders, specific measures need to be quantified by conducting an online survey. Professional social researchers from Down To Earth Research (DTER) have been commissioned to assist the NGIFSC to design the survey, ensure validity of data collected and provide an additional layer of independence to the process.

As a valued stakeholder of the industry, you are invited to participate in the online survey. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and ensures you and your colleagues are able to ‘have a say’ in the future structure of the association network.

Be assured that if you chose to participate, your survey answers will remain strictly confidential – you won’t be asked to provide your name or contact details at any stage of the survey. All survey data is collected and stored in accordance to the Australian Privacy Principles (APP).

To complete the survey
Please forward the following link to others in your business or organisation who can provide the insight required:
(you may have to press Ctrl + Click).

Please note the survey must be completed in one session – there is no opportunity to complete some and then complete the rest at a later date (we do not use ‘cookies’).

For others in the business/organisation who want to participate in the survey:
If other members of your business/organisation would like to have their say in the survey, they can access it by following the link above.

Receive the survey by mail
If you want to participate in the survey but prefer to complete the survey hard copy, please email or phone 02 8861 5100 for a paper questionnaire and return to sender envelope to be mailed to you.

If you have difficulty answering any of the survey questions and would like to speak with one of the designers, please call Pamela Watson from DTER on 0418 380 105 and she will assist you.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards

Gary Eyles
Chairman - Structure Review Committee