Sponsor Profile: Norwood

If you’re in need of digital commercial printing services or an efficient horticultural plant tag and royalty service, Norwood can help. They have been around for years and have pioneered the way, always ahead of the curve and using the latest and greatest printing technology to ensure a they exceed at every job. They have worked closely with industry to figure out our exact needs to develop both outstanding and practical results. They lead the way with specialised methods including, such as UV printing, and can print on almost all types of materials. They constantly research new printing methods and systems so the end result looks better and is as affordable as possible for all. No matter what printing service you need, give them a call and see the difference Norwood can make today. They are based in Melbourne but are able to help businesses all over Australia.

Norwood is a proud Gold supporter of the conference and has provided this year’s signage, program books, menus, tickets, name badges and lanyards.

For more information visit http://horticultural.norwood.com.au