Garden City Plastics

Garden City Plastics - Platinum Sponsor Profile

Garden City Plastics have been supplying the Horticultural market for nearly 40 years.
A Family manufacturing flower pots in Monbulk Victoria and supplying an extensive allied product range needed in the horticultural market right throughout Australia.

They have warehouse & distribution centres and a team of people servicing every state and they source the highest quality products and support network assisting your business to achieve its best Yield. GCP are focused suppliers of top quality Pots, Tubes, Buckets, Coir, Peat, Fertiliser, Chemicals, and Packaging.

Garden City Plastics will bring industry knowledge and advice to your door as “Trusted Partners in Horticulture”.

For more information on Garden City Plastics visit their website at

Nursery & Garden Industry would like to thank Garden City Plastics for their continued, invaluable support of the National Conference. Without support from our valued partners, such events would not be possible.