AH06104 - Review of project AH04009 "coordination of minor use permits for horticulture"

HAL supported a minor use project in 1999 for the vegetable industry with Ausveg and Crop Protection Approvals, but this ran into difficulties. In 2004 the Pesticide Minor-Use Coordinator (PMUC) project was established to continue, but broaden, the project across all horticultural crops. This project has been operating for three years with Peter dal Santo in the role as PMUC. A new proposal has been submitted to HAL for a continuation of the PMUC project. Whenever major, long-term projects like PMUC are due for renewal, the IMC of HAL often requests a review of the project before approving an extension. Scholefield Robinson Horticultural Services was engaged to review the PMUC project and Peter Scholefield and Alison MacGregor were assigned to the review.
The APVMA issues permits for emergency use, minor uses (minor crops, or minor uses in major crops) and for research purposes. Sometimes the permit approval process is to approve/legitimise a use that has been happening anyway, especially by smaller industries. The PMUC, HAL and its committees, industry bodies, companies conducting trials to determine residue levels, and APVMA all have important roles in the minor use permit process.