AH09026 - Productivity Commission Study on Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements

Horticulture is a major Australian agricultural industry which has a GVP of approximately A$7.8 billion and covers produce including fruit (but excluding wine grapes), nuts, vegetables and nursery. Horticultural exports, in this submission defined as both primary and processed produce, of interest to the industry and is expected to be a major contributor to the industry’s future. The OHMA is pleased to provide this submission to the Productivity Commission on the topic of Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements. OHMA is a skills-based committee with an independent industry chair, which provides market access advice to horticulture stakeholders and formulates horticulture industry positions on key market access topics. It was established in 2009 to address market access issues and build upon the work of its predecessor, the Horticultural Market Access Committee (HMAC).