AH13032 - Response to Support Horticulture Member Submissions to the Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper

The Australian Federal Government has sought submissions into the development of aWhite Paper on Agricultural Competitiveness in Australia (the White Paper) with a viewto providing guidance into enhancing farming profitability, strengthening rural andregional communities and economies, and insights into the adequacy of droughtpreparedness and Government’s response measures.

The research paper is based on industry consultation and desktop research.Consultation involved industry-facilitated teleconferences across the horticulture sector.A survey was undertaken with teleconference participants, to rank each issue providedin the Agricultural Competitiveness Issues Paper. The survey indicated that the threemost important issues facing the horticulture industries are: (1) farmer decisions forimproving farm gate returns; (2) enhancing agricultural exports; and (3) reducingineffective regulations.

Some of the key recommendations made included commercially viable and sustainablefree tree agreements, addressing market access constraints, simplifying import riskanalysis, ensuring affordable, skilled and R&D focused labour, simplifying country oforigin labelling, improving the competitiveness of inputs to the supply chain andpromoting R&D innovation.