AH09023 - Health and Well-being in Horticulture

Health and wellbeing are key strategic themes for the horticulture industry and the aim of the recent Wellbeing Project was to provide support for the various industry activities being undertaken. the project was designed to provide HAL member industries  with a resource and overarching support in the areas of research, communications, policy and regulatory affairs.

Commencing in December 2009, the key activities undertaken as part of the project include:

- providing references for published research on the topic of "wellbeing"

- managing the licensing agreement between HAL and WA department of Health which provides private sector accessto the 'Go for 2&5' campaign materials

- providing information to HAL members on relevant policy and regulatory affair issues

- maintaining a weekly program of 'Healthy Eating Tips'

- providing linkages with the International Fruit and Vegetable Allicance and distributing information promoting the health benefits of fruit and vegetables.