NY09000 - Propagators Tour of Ireland 2009

Hortcom arranged a study tour that coincided with the International meeting of the IPPS. For 2009 the region hosting the event was the GB&I region. They chose Ireland for the tour and Kilkenny as the venue. As is usual a pre-conference tour was arranged, and for this event a post conference tour of Northern Ireland was also included. Details of the tours are attached .

Tour participants were chosen as having an interest in plant propagation and some involvement with leadership of the Australian region. Hortcom has arranged previous tours, in 2007 the tour of USA was directed at youth. All participants were required to present a report on the tour. Each chose an area of interest. Some also included comments from an extension of their trip to Europe. All reports are attached.

Tour participants were:
Greg McPhee (tour leader)
Lyndy McPhee
Clive Larkman
Di Larkman
Steve Vallance
Natalie Vallance
David Cliffe