NY01017 - Nursery ChemCert Certificate Specialist Mdule

This project was regarding the plant nursery and related industries produce high quality plants with high production potential and/or aesthetic appeal for the enjoyment of customers, and the Australian public. The industry is more interested than most in producing blemish-free plants, which requires a high level of pest management often including pesticide use. It operates in a sensitive environment. Many workplaces are in or near urban residential areas and there are potential risks associated with this Accidents are closely scrutinised by authorities and the press which can damage both the businesses and the industry. The risks of pesticide pollution to community and environmental health have to be carefully managed to maintain and support the industry’s development. The learning guide produced has been designed to be used together with the Nursery Pesticide Application Best Practice Manual, which is referred to throughout the text as the Best Practice Manual or the BPM.