HG04007 - Irrigation Knowledge Exchange Program for Horticultural Industries

The project helps to clarify and articulate horticultural on-going water needs. This will help to enhance the case for maintaining and improving industry access to water, which is threatened by water scarcity and competition for water from expanding urban and environmental demands.The initial part of the project highlighted the need for strengthened information systems within the horticultural sector and at an industry-wide level.The second stage of the project involved an extensive review and consultation, to gain valuable information by addressing specific issues for each of the six industries involved in the study (including the apple & pear, avocado, nursery, strawberry, citrus and summerfruit industries).The project helped to identify the actual and potential uptake of irrigation technology and improved management practices, while also highlighting some of the motivational factors that drive adoption. The environmental, social and economic benefits for the industry were also evaluated.