NY03037 - Consumer Research in Relation to Garden Water Attitudes and Practices

This project provides a benchmark of garden watering practices. Hand held hosing predominates in Sydney, Melbourne and to a lesser extent Brisbane. The incidence of installed watering systems is highest in Perth (82%) where 25% of respondents also report having a bore. Sydney has the lowest incidence of installed watering systems (18%). Three in five installed systems are on a timer, but virtually none have soil moisture sensors. This study used qualitative insights and quantitative measures to assess a range of initiatives the Industry should undertake, alone or possibly in conjunction with other stakeholders. The quantitative measure asks respondents to indicate their level of interest a range of products/services. The one exception relates to the appeal of Waterwise Accreditation of garden centres – respondents were asked the degree of importance they placed on accreditation. The overall interpretation is indicative.