NY02015 - Nursery and Garden Industry Consumer Research

This 2003 report summarises findings from research to understand consumer motives for and barriers to gardening. It also looks at influences on gardening and industry competition in terms of time and money. The study found: • the gardening market is more segmented; smaller blocks, more couples no children • learning to garden at a young age is useful if fun, not a chore • main influencers - parents for youngsters, media / friends / relatives / nurseries later in life • only a minority are well informed about gardening • time is a greater barrier than cost, and gardening expenditure is good value for money • while there are several motives for gardening, more are outcomes-based • industry accreditation is potentially valuable in the market, but not well known • gardeners see price, range, advice, plant quality and service as important • there is limited interest in use of garden contractors, but growth is expected • a number of positioning routes could be useful for communications • the gardening media suggest a closer relationship with industry