NY110 - Insecticidal Control of Cane Weevil in Palms

Chemical and cultural controls of sugarcane weevil borer in palms were investigated in this 1990-93 study. The study recommended: •Spray the ground around the base of the palm, seedlings and small plants (to one metre) with 5 mL/L (larger plants with 10 mL/L) of product containing 600 g/L Chlorpyrifos to the point of run-off at times of peak weevil activity. •Do not use bagasse in a potting medium or as a mulch around the base of potted or in-ground trees, as female beetles are attracted to this material. •Remove and destroy old and dead fronds as adult beetles shelter behind leaf bases during daylight. •Do not sell infested plants and destroy any heavily infested ones. All plants leaving a nursery should be checked for obvious signs of infestation.