NY06511 - Consumer Marketing

The Nursery & Garden Industry had proposed and extensive consumer marketing program to build on the campaign that was launched for Spring 2006. The planning was based on a premise that the Industry would vote to support an increase in the Nursery Levy to be specifically used for Marketing. The program was severely altered once the levy vote was negative and advertising was limited to a minor campaign focused on Mother’s Day and primary message was to Give the Gift that Grows. Other activity was focused on reinforcing the “Life is a garden” brand position for the industries consumer messages. Collateral was provided to growers and retailers that increased exposure for this positioning. One of the key shortfalls from the program is that no pre testing was conducted prior to the activities being undertaken. This has not enabled accurate figures to be generated on the results of the expenditure. It is recommended that any future program be developed with sufficient budget allowance made for pre and post activity testing to be conducted.