NY04502 - HAL Final Report Flora for fauna

The Report covers the extension part of the project to June 2007 to acquire a licensing partner for the FFF program and, in the meantime maintain a database, webhosting and administration. This was in line with the NGIA and IAC strategic assessment that the program should continue to focus on natives and look to be commercialized. Following the 2006-08 strategic plan review, and with support of HAL, consumer marketing and environmental issues became strong priorities for the industry. This made it necessary for NGIA to review the previous plans for FFF. The project has now been positioned with environmental marketing under the umbrella message Our Environment, Your Backyard, which also comprises Wise about Water, Grow Me Instead and the annual World Environment Day Promotion. It is now seen as a strong vehicle to reinforce the message to consumers that the best place to start looking after the environment is your own backyard. The PR component of this project has been implemented with Beyond the Square Communications and has comprised an extensive media campaign along with the development and distribution of Retailer Kits to encourage in-store communications of environmental, and more specifically FFF messages.