NY04030 - Biosecure HACCP

The aim of the project was to provide the mechanism for industry to adopt the principles of the risk management program as represented by HACCP in a manner that was relevant to the Nursery & Garden Industry and Biosecurity concerns. The project commenced in 2004-05 year to be aligned with the development of the industry Biosecurity plan. The initial concept was for this program to be integrated into the existing NIASA quality control program. This was not possible so a standalone module was developed that is linked via the audit and certification process to the NIASA program. The Guidelines developed and associated material will be utilised by the industry network of Development Officers to get businesses to adopt the program. Guidelines have been developed to enable businesses to implement process including support material provided to Industry Development Network to assist in implementing the program; program presented to attendees at the NGI National Conference in March 2008; auditing software developed to run on PDA’s and the Development of an Industry reporting format to measure industry adoption of Environmental programs.