NY04029 - HAL Final Report - EMS EcoHort

With an increasing focus by government and the community on environmental issues there is a need for the nursery and garden industry to demonstrate that it is committed to sustainable business practices and that it has in place systems to provide for good environmental management. The industry needs to continue to build on its achievements and investments over the past ten years to ensure it can achieve on-going improvements in environmental performance in a range of areas and demonstrate that it has the capacity to minimize its impacts. Critical to this is the adoption of environmental best practice management by individual nursery businesses. The project focused on two key areas for achieving industry best practice and  environmental sustainability, through the adoption of this project the nursery and garden industry will be able to demonstrate on-going improvements in industry best practice environmental management; improve the awareness and understanding, by industry, our consumers and governments, of  the principles of environmental sustainability and the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship; engage with industry leaders and the wider industry to promote the use of the EcoHort EMS framework and the adoption of environmental best practice.