NY03003 - Improving Indoor Environmental Quality

This report details the first experimental investigation of the real-world effectiveness of the potted-plant microcosm in reducing indoor air pollution, by substantially reducing levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Using three planting regimes with two international species, it was shown conclusively that the m9icrocosm could reduce total VOC contamination by up to 70%, in both air-conditioned and naturally ventilated offices. Associated laboratory experimentation confirmed and revealed more details of the mechanism of this adaptive, self regulatory VOC removal mechanism, which can raise rates of VOC removal in response to increasing concentrations of the contaminants. On the basis of their findings, potted plants can confidently be recommended for use as an indoor air bioremediation system, to complement, augment, or substitute for, various engineering measures to improve indoor air quality. in addition from the information here the quantities of plant material can be scaled up of down to suit any type of indoor environment to achieve combined air biofiltration and interior design purposes.