NY01026 - Scaevola and Brachyscome Flowering Pot Plants

The international market for flowering pot pants is always looking for new product lines and a large number are released each and every year. For a number of years Australian native plants have been grown as container plants and flowering pot plants for the European, Asian and American markets. Scaevola and Brachyscome are two genera that have gained significant portions of these markets. A limitation to the expansion of their two plant products in the markets is the limited colors that are currently available.  Recently new color forms have been identified that could be used in breeding programs to greatly expand the color lines that could be developed for these products. Breeding programs for Scaevola and Brachyscome were designed to increase the range of colors and forms from available parent material. The reproductive and flora biology of their genera were examined to enable the reproductive barriers that currently exist to be overcome.