NY01021 - Horticultural Agrochemical Application Diary

The pesticide label is a legal document an if an activity is undertaken that is not approved on the label then that activity is deemed to be illegal. Sound record keeping will address the label directions and provide compliance. Through such actions a business will be able to avoid the loss of stock and may even reduce the overall cost of pest management. Preventative measure can be as simple as monitoring the crop for a particular pest , or the application of a cheaper protectant fungicide, or the reduction in irrigation water use, or through the modification of the environment. The NIASA ‘Best Management Practice scheme recognized a need to record pesticide applications and develop a record sheet for NIASA members to use. The sheet was developed to address a need in the NIASA scheme and NIASA included this sheet in the 2nd edition of the NIASA Best Practice Guidelines allowing industry to photocopy and store as a hard copy.